“You don’t really think you need us but you know we’re there. When you need us, you’ll realise you’ll always need us” — Lee-Ann Staniland —

Our Philosophy

Our approach to law is a simple one – A passion for service and keeping it personal, combined with the highest professional standards.  Taking the time to understand our clients’ needs is key to our success.

One of our greatest assets, besides our staff, lies in our reputation of supplying an excellent service.  Our company philosophy is based on this, after all this is our sole function – offering a service. We are so adamant about service that when we reach a stage that we can no longer offer this efficient and cost effective service, we might as well close our doors.

Although we may not have age and size as bragging rights, we consider this to be one of our strengths, being small in size has enabled us to be a progressive law firm, continually adapting to suit our client’s needs and constantly being on the look-out for better ways to provide creative and cost-effective legal and business solutions. Our goal is to ensure capable and efficient handling of all legal issues. As a result, we have, in our brief history, earned a reputation for quick and efficient personal service.

Today’s constantly changing business environment requires a law firm that has the intellectual capital and the breadth and depth of experience to deal with all kinds of legal transactions.  We consider ourselves to be such a firm.

We offer a wide range of legal services for both corporate and individual clients with specialised services such as litigation, Notary, estate planning, conveyancing, debt recoveries, family law and commercial/company law.

Our legal skills and commitment to integrity, service excellence and hard work, combined with our dedication of servicing the needs of our clients, enables us to fulfil and frequently exceed our clients’ expectations.

We look forward to being of service and partnering with you, and in doing so, building a strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Think of us as your safety net!